I’ll take a cold shower every day until I got a ticket to Le Web

I’m serious !

Silicon Valley Bank is sponsoring 10 LeWeb tickets and I want one of those. Applicants have to produce something creative, here is my challenge :

Until november 10th, I’ll take a cold shower everyday to prove that I deserve it.

This challenge aims to show the dedication entrepreneurs are giving to their projects. Everyday, they have to push forward in order to build better products and services. They have to walk beyond their confort zone and do stuff they’re afraid of.

Through this 3 weeks video series, I’ll share the hustle that every entrepreneur in the world run into. I hope that challenge will help you to push your own limits to build amazing successes for the next 10 years.

So let’s get cold ! I hope you’ll have fun watching those videos :)


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PS : I updated my Twitter username to @alex_borto (it used to be @_alexandre_b).